Pick Up Litter on Your Way – Yle's Million Trash Bags Returns

News 2024-04-26 at 9:25

This year, the PlastLIFE project is taking part in a campaign to collect our share of a goal of one million trash bags. We aim to work together to prevent environmental littering and raise awareness of the importance of plastic sorting.

For the second year in a row, Yle is organizing a campaign to collect trash from nature with a target of one million trash bags. The PlastLIFE project is once again participating in Yle's campaign.

Create a #KestäväMuovisuhde (SustainablePlasticRelationship)

In its own sub-campaign PlastLIFE promotes a sustainable relationship with plastic, encourages recycling of plastic waste, and mobilizes its project partners to collect litter on their own in various locations. The project's partners, who have committed to the campaign, aim to collect 100 trash bags in the PlastLIFE project as part of the goal of one million trash bags.

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Our goal is to share interesting information about plastic and plastic waste and to highlight the important work of the PlastLIFE project's partners. Supporting us in this effort are the cheerful yellow plastic collection bins, Tuovi and Keltsi.

So don't let plastic slip out of your hands into nature; instead, sort plastic packaging into collection bins, from which it can be recycled into new plastic products.

Learn more about the Million Trash Bags campaign

Yle's website at yle.fi/miljoonaroskapussia and get involved!

More info on PlastLIFE

Johanna Kaunisto, Communications Specialist, firstname.lastname@syke.fi

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