CircBrief: A circular economy road map makes sense

News 2024-02-16 at 9:03
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This CircBrief presents the views of municipal and regional road map creators concerning road maps to a circular economy and experiences of preparing them.

The elements for preparing a successful local road map are:

  • A competent and enthusiastic team and commitment on the part of management and participants
  • Ensuring resources for road map work
  • Thorough planning of the work
  • Local topics
  • Regular discussions with stakeholders
  • Focusing on road map implementation
  • Measuring and monitoring the impact of the road map
  • Peer support from other road map processes

Preparing a road map is a circular process

Preparing a road map is a multi-stage and circular process that involves planning; ensuring the commitment of participants; surveying the initial situation; specifying the focus areas, objectives, actions, schedule, responsible parties and monitoring; road map approval; communications; implementation, monitoring and updating of the roadmap.

Preparing a road map is a circular process that requires extensive commitment. © Finnish Environment Institute 2023

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